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Title Advanced Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms 
Author Alexander McKillop 
Price $ 34.95 
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Title Biochemistry 8th ed 
Author Jeremy M. Berg  
Price $ 310.99 
Year 2015 
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Title Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents, 3 Volume Set 
Author Zerong Wang  
Price $ 495 
Year 2009 
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Title Fundamentals of Crystallography ,Third Edition  
Author Carmelo Giacovazzo 
Price 47.5 
Year 2011 
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Title Molecular Diversity and Combinatorial Chemistry : Principles and Applications 
Author Michael C. Pirrung 
Price $ 64.95 
Year 2004 
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Title Principles of Physical Chemistry, 2nd Edition 
Author Hans Kuhn  
Price $ 129.95 
Year 2009 
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Title Profiles of Drug Substances, Excipients and Related Methodology Vol 39 
Price $ 245 
Year 2014 
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