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Title Advanced Pharmaceutics: Physicochemical Principles 
Author Cherng-ju Kim 
Price 121 
Year 2004 
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Title Analytical Method Development and Validation  
Author Michael E. Swartz 
Price 25.99 
Year 1997 
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Title Chirality in Drug Design and Development 
Author Indra K. Reddy 
Price 127 
Year 2004 
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Title Computational Medicinal Chemistry for Drug Discovery 
Author Patrick Bultinck 
Price 134 
Year 2003 
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Title Designing Organic Syntheses: A Programmed Introduction to the Synthon Approach 
Author Stuart Warren  
Price $ 65 
Year 1991 
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Title Encyclopedia of Controlled Drug Delivery, 2 Volume Set 
Author Edith Mathiowitz  
Price $ 930 
Year 1999 
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Title HPLC: Practical and Industrial Applications, Second Edition  
Author Joel K. Swadesh 
Price 86 
Year 2000 
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Title Microbiological Assay for Pharmaceutical Analysis: A Rational Approach  
Author William Hewitt 
Price 178 
Year 2003 
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Title Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis: Methods for Identification and Limit Tests  
Author Ole Pedersen 
Price 127 
Year 2006 
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Title Pharmacokinetics in Drug Discovery and Development  
Author Ronald D. Schoenwald  
Price 56.99 
Year 2002 
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