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Title Modelling and Simulation of Engineering Systems through Bondgraphs  
Author Mukherjee   Publisher
Category Physics  Year
Price $ 129.95  ISBN
Notes Recognizing that experts in various fields need a universal language with common symbols and connotations, there is an ever-growing inclusion of bondgraphs - portraying systems in terms of power bonds - in the research, development, and design activities of numerous industries and academic curricula. This has established a need for consolidating basic ideas and expanding them through a large number of applications.

Containing numerous examples and spanning a wide range of disciplines, Modelling and Simulation of Engineering Systems through Bondgraphs generously fills this need. From basic electronic devices and circuits to robotic manipulators, from a hydraulic orbit motor to non-energetic systems like market economics, this text covers a wide range of modelling and simulation applications.

This book provides a detailed compilation of the study of bondgraphs. By employing a narrative style and well-organized presentation, it enables readers to grasp the material in a quick and in-depth manner.