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Title Nanomaterials: A Danger or a Promise? Nanomaterials: A Danger or a Promise? A Chemical and Biologic 
Author Brayner  Publisher
Category Nanotechnology  Year
Price 129.95  ISBN
Notes Proposes new solutions to enhance the benefits of nanomaterials Comprehensive in scope to cover both the benefits and the risks Written by active researchers in nanotoxicity With the increased presence of nanomaterials in commercial products such as cosmetics and sunscreens, fillers in dental fillings, water filtration process, catalysis, photovoltaic cells, bio-detection, a growing public debate is emerging on toxicological and environmental effects of direct and indirect exposure to these materials. Nanomaterials: A Danger or a Promise? forms a balanced overview of the health and environmental issues of nanoscale materials. By considering both the benefits and risks associated with nanomaterials, Nanomaterials: A Danger or a Promise? compiles a complete and detailed image of the many aspects of the interface between nanomaterials and their real-life application. The full cycle of nanomaterials life will be presented and critically assessed to consider and answer questions such as: How are nanomaterials made? What they are used for? What is their environmental fate? Can we make them better? Including coverage of relevant aspects about the toxicity of manufactured nanomaterials, nanomaterials life cycle, exposure issues, Nanomaterials: A Danger or a Promise? provides a comprehensive overview of the actual knowledge in these fields but also presents perspectives for the future development of a safer nanoscience. This comprehensive resource is a key reference for students, researcher, manufacturers and industry professionals alike. Content Level Research Keywords Environmental Effects - Manufactured Nanomaterials - Nanomaterials Toxicology - Nanoscience Safety - Physico-chemical Properties Related subjects Engineering - Nanotechnology - Production & Process Engineering