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Title Nano-Antimicrobials : Progress and Prospects 
Author Cioffi  Publisher
Category Nanotechnology  Year
Price 189.95  ISBN
Notes The first comprehensive overview of nanoscience-based drug development against microbial diseases With contributions by international experts Introduces new concepts There is a high demand for antimicrobials for the treatment of new and emerging microbial diseases. In particular, microbes developing multidrug resistance have created a pressing need to search for anew generation of antimicrobial agents, which are effective, safe and can be used for the cure of multidrug-resistant microbial infections.Nano-antimicrobials offer effective solutions for these challenges; the details of these new technologies are presented here. The book includes chapters by an international team of experts. Chemical, physical, electrochemical, photochemical and mechanical methods of synthesis are covered. Moreover, biological synthesis using microbes, an option that is both eco-friendly and economically viable, is presented. The antimicrobial potential of different nanoparticles is also covered, bioactivity mechanisms are elaborated on, and several applications are reviewed in separate sections. Lastly, the toxicology of nano-antimicrobials is briefly assessed. Content Level Research Keywords Antimicrobials - Nanoantimicrobials - Nanoparticles - Nanoscience - Nanotoxicology Related subjects Chemistry - Engineering - Medical Microbiology - Microbiology - Nanotechnology