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Title Indian Pharmacopoeia Addendum 2005 
Author IPC  Publisher
Category Major Pharmacopoeias  Year
Price Rs 2000  ISBN

Addendum 2005

Effective from 30 June 2006

Price: Rs. 2000.00

Published by The Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, GHAZIABAD

“As per the drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940 the Indian Pharmacopoeia is the legally recognized book of standards for the quality of drug substances and their preparations included therein. The last edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia was published in 1996. It was updated by additions and amendments introduced through Addendum 2000, Veterinary Supplement 2000 and addendum 2002. The Addendum 2005 is a companion volume to the Indian Pharmacopoeia 1996.

Addendum 2005 further amends as well as adds new drugs and preparations to the Indian Pharmacopoeia 1996 with a view to keeping it updated. It contains 46 new monographs including 3 for bulk drugs (Adenine, Fructose and Lopinavir), 22 for large volume parenterals, 10 for antiretroviral formulations, 10 for medicinal plants 9Herbal Drugs) and 1 for Oxygen 93 percent. Some monographs like those for Doxycycline HCI capsules, Intraperitoneal Dialysis Solutions, Oral Rehydration Salts and Oxygen have undergone major changes. A new appendix on gas detector tubes has been incorporated and appendices on test for sterility, plastic containers, sterilization and biological indicators have been replaced with new versions.”

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