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Title Forensic Victimology 
Author Brent E. Turvey  Publisher
Academic Press
Category Forensic Science  Year
Price $ 59.95  ISBN
Notes Key Features •Applied victimology for students and caseworkers performing objective examinations as opposed to theoretical victimology that studies victim groups and crime statistics. •First ever textbook detailing a mandate, scope and methods for forensic victimologist practitioners. •Provides a critical / scientific counterbalance to existing mainstream texts approaching general victimology with a pro-victim bias. •Written by practitioners of forensic victimology in the investigative, forensic, mental health, and academic communities. Related Titles •Serial Crime : Theoretical and Practical Issues in Behavioral Profiling •Fundamentals of Forensic Science •Criminal Profiling, 3rd Edition : An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis Description This new textbook provides students with the basic principles and practice standards of forensic victimology-the scientific study of victims for the purposes of addressing investigative and forensic issues. It provides case-based coverage with original insights into the role that victimology plays in the justice system, moving beyond the traditional theoretical approaches already available. The purpose of this textbook is to distinguish the investigative and forensic aspects of victim study as a necessary adjunct to the field of victimology. It identifies forensic victimologists in the investigative and forensic communities and provides them with methods and standards of practice needed to be of service. This book is intended to educate students on the means and rationale for performing victimological assessments with a scientific mindset. Forensic Victimology is designed specifically for teaching the practical aspects of this topic, with “hands on” real-life case examples and an extensive online Instructor’s manual featuring summaries, key terms, and test questions for every chapter. Readership Students enrolled in forensic science programs, legal studies programs, sociology / criminology programs, victim studies programs, and criminal justice programs. Will also be of value to law enforcement investigating criminal cases, and forensic experts evaluating victimological evidence or preparing for trial. Contents