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Title Indian Pharmacopoeia 2007 
Author IPC  Publisher
Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission
Category Indian Pharmacopoeia  Year
Price Rs 15000  ISBN
3 Vols set, Now Available in Ready Stock
Published by Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Ghaziabad
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India
Indian Pharmacopoeia 2007,2008, 3 Vols., 2328 p., Rs. 15,000.00 / US$ 800.00(set). ISBN 81-903436-4-5

“As per the drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940 the Indian Pharmacopoeia is the legally recognized book of standards for the quality of drug substances and their preparations included therein”. The last edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia was published in 1996. This new edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia entitled Indian Pharmacopoeia 2007 has been prepared by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) in accordance with a plan and completed through the untiring efforts of its members and its Secretariat over a period of about two years. This is the fifth edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia after independence. It supersedes the 1996 edition but any monograph of the earlier edition that does not figure in this edition continues to be official as stipulated in the second schedule of the drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940

Volume 1 Contains the General Notice, Preface, the structure of the IPC, Acknowledgements,Introduction and the General Chapters.

Volume 2 Deals with the General Monographs on Drug Substances, Dosage Forms and Pharmaceutical Aids (A to M).

Volume 3 Contains Monographs on Drug Substances, Dosage Forms and Pharmaceutical Aids(N to Z) followed by Monographs on Vaccines and Immunosera for Human use, Herbs and Herbal products , Blood and blood related products, Biotechnology products and Veterinary products.

The scope of the Pharmacopoeia has been extended to include products of biotechnology,indigenous herbs and herbal products, viral Vaccines and additional antiretroviral drugs and formulations, inclusive of commonly used fixed-dose combinations. Standards for veterinary drugs and products that were published as a Supplement to the previous edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia now form an integral part of this compendium.

Format: In an effort to make the pharmacopoeia more user-friendly, a drastic change has been made in the design of the texts of the monographs and of the test methods. Cross-referencing has been a avoided to make each monograph complete in itself thus making it convenient to the analyst performing the tests and to the ones checking the results of analyses. The multiplicity of fonts in the texts that was feature of earlier editions has been done away with making it easier to read the contents and ensuring uniformity of presentation of the subject matter."

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