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Title Drug Discovery and Development, 2 Volume Set 
Author Chorghade  Publisher
Category Pharmaceuticals  Year
Price $ 180  ISBN
Notes This two-volume set provides a full account of the entire sequence of drug development, from conceptualizing the drug, creating a library of candidates, and conducting clinical trials, to optimizing the synthetic route, marketing the drug, and developing delivery methods. Comprehensive in scope, the set bridges the gap between medicinal and process chemistry.
Discussion includes the discovery of agents for the treatment and management of bacterial infections, Parkinson's disease, psoriasis, ulcers and stomach pain, atopic dermatitis, asthma, and cancer. Case studies examine the discovery of erythromycin analogs (antibiotics), Tagamet, and Ultiva (remifentanil). Full chapters are devoted to combinatorial chemistry, molecular biology-based drug discovery, genomics, and chemogenomics. Industrial chemists, biologists, biochemists, and business people in the pharmaceutical industry will all benefit from this authoritative reference.

The first volume of this set thoroughly describes conceptualizing a drug, creating a library of candidates for testing, screening those candidates for in vitro and in vivo activity, conducting and analyzing the results of clinical trials, and revising the drug as necessary.

The second volume describes optimizing the synthetic route; manufacturing, outsourcing, and marketing the drug, including coloring; and developing delivery methods.